Linux packages for Plex Media Player

There are two packaging formats available. AppImage and Flatpak.
Both aim to be universal and distribution agnostic.

AppImage is supported for a long time now, however there are known problems with it like “sign in” button working only in fullscreen mode. If having issues give Flatpak a try.

Support and discussion thread on Plex Forums.


No need to install. No root required. Download AppImage file, make it executable, and run to start the application. Just like on Windows or Mac. It is as simple as that.

Works on all modern Linux distributions including Ubuntu 16.04 or newer, Mint 18 or newer, Fedora 24 or newer, Debian, Arch, openSUSE and others.

Release builds

Latest Plex Media Player packages.


Older packages. For people who do not like the new UI.


Daily builds

Built every day. For people who want to check latest changes and improvements before an official release.



If AppImage doesn’t work for you please try the Flatpak package.

flatpak install


"SIGN IN" button does not work

This is a known problem with AppImage not being able to start system web browser.
As a workaround please switch the player to fullscreen mode and sign in with a 4-digit activation code.

Flatpak package doesn’t have this problem.

Why there are no 32-bit packages?

The linuxdeployqt tool that is used for building the package is not available for x86 architexture.

Why it does not work on Ubuntu 14.04?

Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) has too old compiler and base system library to make it work. Please see this bug for a more detailed explanation.

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AppImage website: