Linux packages for OpenXcom

This site contains OpenXcom game packages in AppImage and DEB format.

Please be aware that those packages contains only the game engine. UFO/TFTD original game resources still needs to be installed manually in order to play it. You can copy them from Steam or DOS version of the game.

OpenXcom website:

AppImage packages

Download AppImage file, make it executable, and run. No need to install.
You can read more about the AppImage format here:

Ubuntu packages

Ubuntu users can easily install OpenXcom from a dedicated PPA repository.
Please run the following commands in a terminal.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:knapsu/openxcom
sudo apt-get install openxcom

Debian packages

DEB packages for Debian distribution are no longer available. Please use AppImage packages instead.

X-COM: UFO Defense (UFO) can be bought on Steam or GOG.

X-COM: Terror from the Deep (TFTD) can be bought on Steam or GOG.